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3 Strand Yellow PolyPro Rope - Oaks Distribution Inc - 1

7/8" x 600' 3-Strand PolyPro Rope

$ 230.00

PolyPRO Yellow is a strong, lightweight monofilament polypropylene rope that floats and has excellent resistance to oil, marine growth and most common chemicals. Designed not to rot, this rope has good abrasion and UV resistance, allowing for the color to last the life of the rope. 
Finish: Yellow


  • Floats. Will not absorb water
  • Good strength and minimal stretch
  • Twice the tensile strength of manila rope
  • Yellow. Additional colors available

Typical applications include:

  • Water and Snow Ski Ropes
  • Pool Rope
  • Pole Rope
  • Guy Rope
  • Construction Barrier Rope
  • Electric Utility Rope
  • Safety Barrier Rope

Tensile Strength per Diameter

  • 7/8"     : 10350Lbs

NOTE: Polypropylene rope is a versatile product produced by several manufacturers throughout the world. There can be color variations in the shade of yellow in the rope we stock. Please be aware that you could receive a different color of yellow rope from one order to the next, or even in the same order if you order more than one diameter. If you have specific requests or questions, please feel free to give us a call.

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